UK Projects

HF UK works largely in the developing world, but is also involved in projects in the UK to help the most disadvantaged or vulnerable people.

From helping the homeless, to providing assistance and support to hospices such as Shooting Star Children's Hospice in Hampton, West London.

HF UK has also been working in Greater Manchester with vulnerable youths with a range of conditions from Autism and Downs Syndrome to Schizophrenia. Our team which includes qualified social workers, has been taking youths on trips to give them confidence, help with hand-eye co-ordination and foster better communications skills. One recent example was Kenny who had a lifetime ambition to climb Ben Nevis, and with the help of HF, managed to reach his dream.

Kenny reaches summit of Ben Nevis


"Where have you been hiding all these years, you've done more for our son in 3 months than what the care homes have done in 6 years!" - Parent, Manchester