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Humanity First's kindergarten school in Mafraq on the border between Jordan and Syria has opened to cater for the poorest refugee children. The kindergarten in Mafraq caters for 100 children, mostly Syrian refugees but also a few very poor local Jordanian children.
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A team of 3 first responders from HF Germany is in Turkey doing an assessment of needs in refugee camps in eastern Turkey near the Syrian border.Humanity First is preparing the 20,000 winterization kits to support 100,000 Syrian refugees.
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Humanity First is preparing the 20,000 winterization kits to support 100,000 Syrian refugees.
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Humanity First is now fundraising in 13 countries for the Syria appeal.
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As tens of thousands more refugees pour out of Syria into neighbouring countries
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Humanity First is having meetings in Jordan, Canada, Dubai, USA and England with a number of parties including the UN, Red Crescent, Care International and Oxfam around our winter programme. We are close to finalizing our plans.
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Following detailed discussions with colleagues at UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO, and also with other NGOs managing operations in refugee camps in the region Read More

Humanity First launches a global appeal for funds for projects to support Syrian refugees.
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Our team on the ground in Amman are having discussions with the local authorities, UNHCR and various NGOs involved in refugee camps about potential joint working including medical relief, water, food and other relief supplies.
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Following analysis and consultation, the Humanity First Board has approved a global response to the Syria crisis. Our aim will be to provide the best local support working in collaboration with other parties on the ground to support the maximum number of vulnerable refugees.
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The Syrian civil war of the last two years has led to over 100,000 fatalities, 4.25 million internally displaced people and over 2 million people displaced abroad, mostly in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

Many of the worst affected civilians are women with young children who are suffering shock, minor trauma, and lack food, safe water, hygiene and medical attention. There are large temporary camps now such as Za'atari in Jordan where conditions are not ideal. As winter approaches, they will also need blankets and warm clothing. There are also fears of the spread of typhoid and diarrhoea due to the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation in many of the refugee settings.

Humanity First is working with the UN and other NGOs on the ground and planning a long term assistance programme covering relief supplies and medical assistance in the region.

We are launching a global appeal today to ensure that we can respond effectively and long-term to assist the needy. The vast majority of our team are volunteers so you contribution will go a long way for the women and children in this disaster. Please donate and help us to make a difference for the innocent victims.

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