Gift of Sight

Millions of people suffer from poor eyesight or even blindness because they lack decent nutrition and sanitation, glasses, or access to simple surgery. In the poorer countries, upto 20 Million people suffer from cataract blindness and around 180 Million suffer from significant visual disability. In the Third World, young men are losing their sight and even children are affected when they are born with disease.

Through the Gift of Sight appeal, Humanity First has invested in clinics in Africa to provide  cataract operations for patients referred from our rural medical camps. Our approach is also about prevention as much as cure through:

» Prescription and distribution of glasses to children and adults

» Treatment of infections that lead to visual disability

» Treatment of nutritional deficiencies that result in blindness

» Provision of medical staff to perform operations for cataracts

It may seem shocking, but just £35 can provide the basic treatment and dramatically improve the quality of life for someone. So far, othousands of successful operations have been performed in Africa but more needs to be done. The project is active in Benin, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.