Desert Fridge

In many African countries, villagers live a subsistence lifestyle around agriculture. Due to tha lack of electrification and the extreme temperatures, they are forced to sell produce very cheap to a middle man soon after harvest, and even then, 40% of their produce goes to waste.

HF has adopted the Desert Fridge concept which was invented in Nigeria. The concept uses 2 large clay pots with sand between them. When watered 3 times a day, the evaporation process results in the inner pot being 10 degrees centigrade cooler. As a result, farmers are now able to store produce without electrification for over 14 days, the waste has largely been eliminated, the farmers get a much better return for their labour.

HF has adopted a 'train the trainer' approach. We train local pot-makers in how to make the desert fridge, and we educate villagers in the benefits of the concept. Thousands of villagers are already benefitting in The Gambia, Senegal and Mali, and the next wave of activity is focussed on Ghana and Ivory Coast.

See our Desert Fridge Video