AIDEX conference 2016

A Powerful Force for Change - Localisation Through the Volunteer Sector

London , 21st Nov 2016 : – Humanity First International attend AidEx 2016 Conference and show how the volunteer sector can achieve practical results on the ground in a disaster setting through localisation.

AidEx, the second-biggest event in the development calendar in Brussels, opened its doors for a 2 day conference on the 16th November in which the international aid community, NGOs and professionals came together to share experiences and expertise with the theme of "localisation". The Humanity First team, consisting of volunteers from around the UK, were invited to attend.

Dr Aziz Hafiz, Director of Disaster Relief, Humanity First International commented :

"The keynote opening address by Dr Jemilah Mahmood (Under Secretary General for Partnerships at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) summarised the subject clearly and highlighted to Humanity First our own philosophy on Humanitarian Assistance. By empowering our local partners and volunteers on the ground we can collectively become a force to overcome the many hurdles and obstacles which we commonly find in disaster scenarios.”

Humanity First’s volunteers recently worked on the ground in Haiti with WFP (World Food Programme), Swiss Red Cross and the Royal Dutch Navy to deliver vital emergency supplies as well as water filtration equipment to the disaster hit western coast of Haiti.

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Menno Eerden of the Royal Dutch Navy’s ship HNLMS Pelikaan, said of the partnership with Humanity First :

“I had the pleasure to cooperate with representatives of Humanity First on board HNLMS Pelikaan. It is truly a synergy and, in my view, exemplary for civil-military cooperation. On the one hand Humanity First representatives share their knowledge on disaster areas and the multiple players that take part in disaster relief, start projects and act as translators, and on the other hand the Royal Netherlands Navy facilitates transport, Force Protection and all other logistic support to sustain the operations. I dare saying that this synergy truly made a difference in the affected villages of Haiti.”

About Humanity First

Humanity First is an international aid agency (UK registered charity number: 1149693) with headquarters in Surbiton in the UK, and has registered operations in a further 42 countries. Established in 1995, Humanity First has a global base of volunteer professionals with multi sector experience in disaster response in 53 countries across the world covering medical, shelter, food and WASH relief activities. The majority of the staff of Humanity First are unpaid volunteers. Humanity First has UN ECOSOC consultative status.


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